last sunrise game - postapocalyptic RPG

Last Sunrise Game

Free browser dungeon-crawler role-playing game, set in a post-apocalyptic world in the aftermath of anomalously powerful solar flares that fried all electronics and led to a terrible disaster in an alternate history time-line of the mid-22nd century.


Currently under heavy development.

The Story:
21st century

The primary task for scientific research was to prolong human lifespans. The scientific community split into several branches. Some advocated genetic modification; others cyborgization.

At the end of the 21st century news of successful experiments spread throughout the world. The transplantation of the human brain into a fully robotic body was the first favourable result.

Shortly afterwards, genetic research managed to replace human genes with animal ones.

As a result, factories and laboratories were built to produce human body modifications, as well as for the creation of cyborgs and clones.

The middle of the 22nd century

Anomalously powerful solar flares fried all electronics, leading to a terrible disaster. Few restoration attempts were successful.

The programming of the robots that were supposed to help became corrupted and they became dangerous due to the damage to their "brains".

Biomorphs suffered severe damage to their genetic code. Immature clones freed themselves from their developmental cells. Their desires were limited to hunting, sleeping and reproduction.

Much of the Earth now resembles a scorched wasteland, and whole cities look like long-abandoned ghost towns. But only at first glance...

The era that was supposed to be humanity's new sunrise, became its last one.
However... How many of the survivors can truly be called human?

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